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DFL 350
Item Code: DFL-350

Dental Loupe

Importer & Supplier of Dental Loupe. Our product range also comprises of Dental Chair, Dental X-Ray Machine and U V Chamber.


Item Code: DFL-350

We manufacture high quality Dental Surgical Loupe, which is designed to give best possible vision, coupled, reduce neck and eye fatigue. Our Dental Surgical Binocular Loupes help in work by giving you better working posture and comfortable stand. We use multi coated high precision lens for superb clarity and near zero reflection. Our Dental Surgical Loupe is light in weight and has strong body, which leaves no alternative in the market. We are considered as the reputed Professional Dental Loupe manufacturer from India.

Features :
  • Reduces neck and eye fatigue
  • Gives better working posture
  • Has multi coated high precision lens
  • Light weight with strong body
  • Superb clarity
  • Near zero reflection

Technical Specifications :
  • Magnification - 2.5x / 3.5 x
  • Working Distance - 16-18 inches
  • Field of View - 3 inches
  • Weight ~ 50 gm
  • Frame - High Grade Metallic