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Item Code: DFOP-01

DFOP-01 DENFORT DENTAL OPERATING MICROSCOPE                                                                    

Denfort dental operating microscope is designed with imported  operating head to meet the stringent requirement in the field of dentistry and match International standards is quality. Provided with high resolution CCD Camera  and display screen.


· Head: Imported  with advanced zoom optical system.

Excellent depth of field.Interpupillary distance from 50mm to 75mm both eyepiece tube with diopter adjustmemnt (±5 diopters)

·  Eye Piece: 10 x  paired wide field 45° inclined eyepieces.

·  Magnification: 5 x - 30 x

·  Working Distance: F=220 mm

·  Focusing motorized with foot control.

·  Light Source: natural white light LED source

·  Illumination: Coaxial  illumination control

    continuous adjustment.

· Arm : Counter balanced pantographic arm with 320° rotation.

· Stand : Mobile floor stand on four castor wheels for easy handling and    stability

· Base Size : 600 mm x 550mm

· Weight : 50 kg

· Height : 1550 mm

· Electrical Power : AC 220V, 50/60 Hz