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Item Code: DFG-1

Item Code: DFG-1

The Glass bead sterilizer is a sterilizer for endodontic equipment where the heat is transmitted to the instruments, absorbent points, or cotton pellets by means of glass beads. Glass Bead Sterilizer supplied by us is available in a portable size and has high levels of efficiency in sterilization. It is being used increasingly in ophthalmic, ENT and surgical applications also

Features :

  • Portable size
  • Rapid warm up facility
  • High efficiency
  • Automatically controlled to maintain desired temperature
  • Handy and convenient application
  • For increasing number of applications in endodontics (dental), ophthalmic, ENT and surgical applications.
  • Competitive and affordable prices.

Technical Specifications :

Operable at
220 v
Well size
Quantity of glass beads
200 g/pc
Cold start up time (to achieve desired temperature)
about 20 minute
Sterilization time
5-15 seconds